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Israel & China:
The Fruits of Friendship

Framework Agreements

Within the framework of the Israel-China Financial Protocol, a number of loan agreements have been signed between Chinese banks and Israeli and international banks. These Framework Loan Agreements set the terms under which Jasmine finances export transactions and long-term projects.

Lending Banks

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Borrowing Banks

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ASHRA, the Israel Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corporation, is an Israeli government company whose goal is to encourage Israeli exportation by providing insurance for investments and credit transactions abroad.

The Israel-China Financial Protocols create a safe financial infrastructure, allowing ASHRA to efficiently insure credit transactions between the two countries.
For more information about these activities, visit the ASHRA website.

Loan Terms

The Israel-China Financial Protocol allows for loans totaling 100% of the value of the project’s Commercial Contract. These are divided into a Down Payment Loan of 15% and a Long Term Loan of 85%, with a variety of payment structures:

Alternatives Relevancy Down Payment Interest Rate Credit Terms
A All projects 1 year 3.2% FIXED 7 years
A-1 All projects 2 years % LIBOR + 0.45 7 years
B Projects above US$1 million 1 year 2.5% FIXED 10 years
B-1 Projects above US$ 1 million 4 years % LIBOR + 0.5 10 years
C Projects above US$ 5  million 1.5 years 3.6% FIXED 15 years
C-1 Projects above US$ 5 million 4 years % LIBOR + 0.5 15 years
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