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The Jasmine Story

Established in 2000, the company began its journey with core activity in the media and communications industry, gradually evolving towards the fields of infrastructure and healthcare technology. From Headquarters in Israel, and offices in China, USA and Switzerland, today Jasmine Group initiates and manages projects that are enhancing communities all over the world.

The Jasmine Way

The Jasmine approach encompasses a unique creativity and ingenuity that sets us apart, combined with a track record of skilled, high quality project execution. The Jasmine team cultivates fruitful partnerships with leading Israeli governmental, banking and financial institutions, providing the foundation for the Group’s innovative approach to project financing.

The Jasmine Family

Our human capital is our most powerful asset. Each member of the global Jasmine family is driven by total commitment to success, drawing on comprehensive experience and a specialized skill set to ensure optimal efficiency and cost-effective results.

Jasmine Today

Jasmine Group is committed to bringing the fruits of innovation to forward-looking communities. This guiding principle has drawn the company to forge strong bonds between Israeli innovation and Chinese demand

With a profound understanding of the Chinese market, Jasmine Group is introducing state-of-the-art Israeli medical equipment, water treatment systems and agricultural technologies to the country’s developing areas. At the same time, the company is investing in China’s future by providing Chinese vocational colleges with professional training equipment and programs, as well as helping to nurture cultural ties between these two countries through the exploration of shared heritage.

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Jasmine Group is a business partner of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in China

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